Under New Ownership
Paul & Bernadette Ledum

Our story

We were both born in  Washington and grew up in small communities south of Seattle.  Work took us to Arizona in 2007 where we retain a condo.  We have two children, nearly 27 and 30. We have one grandson in Arizona, a second due March of 2023.  We both were retired when we bought the Lodge.  We sold our home on McGregor and now live at the Lodge full-time.  Bernadette will become a third generation Montanan with our residency change.
Our love of Montana began in earnest in 1999.  We started to visit family every year in Libby. We enjoyed riding dirt bikes, boating, learning to fish, and hiking different area.  We purchased land on McGregor Lake in 2003.  One of the five big reasons we purchased on McGregor Lake was the Lodge.  It is a great place to eat, have a drink, spend some time and socialize. The Lodge hosted many of our daughters wedding party the days before her wedding on our property. They offered cabins, food and we brought a band it. It was a blast with the community joining us. It hooked us.  We’ve had many members of the community help our family – grandma, son and Bernadette – and welcome us in as family.  While we had zero plans to “unretire” – this opportunity posed us a chance to strengthen a community hub for so many people.  This is a new venture drastically different than what we’ve done before. We are blessed to have a community that is patient and gracious as we learn. And an outstanding team that is extremely talented and good at what they do.
Our plan is to offer great service and value in a family based atmosphere.  Please stop in and meet us and our team one day.

To us, this is about our community. A place to be, a place to laugh, a place to relax and enjoy, and a place you can come if you need community assistance.